Best Golf Wedges of 2024: Improve Your Game with Precision

Are you in need of a fresh pair of wedges? We have compiled a comprehensive list to the best golf wedges that are currently available on the market.


There are a lot of golfers who don’t give enough care to the wedges they use, despite the fact that having a short game that is razor sharp might be the key to keeping the momentum of a round going and getting us out of trouble. It is impossible to overstate the significance of purchasing the best golf wedges for you if you are serious about enhancing your performance around the greens and from a distance of one hundred yards.
What criteria do you use to determine which wedges are for you? Now, there are a few important factors that you need to take into consideration. Take, for instance, the bounce angle that will work best with your action, as well as the grinds and lofts that you will want. When it comes to gapping in your backpack, lofts are very useful, and the number of wedges you wish to take will be determined by this factor.
Considering that the majority of wedges are available in a range of finishes, including satin, chrome, black, or a raw finish that may rust over time, you should also give some thought to the aesthetic sensibilities that you have. Raw finishes provide a number of advantages in terms of performance; nevertheless, not everyone will be comfortable carrying around a club with a rusty face. If you want to improve your short-game skills and lower your scores, then you should take a look at our selection of the best golf wedges currently available on the market.

These are the golf wedges that we believe to be the greatest ones now on the market, and we tested them not too long ago. All of the wedges contained within this collection have been evaluated by our team, which entails testing them out on the course for a number of rounds, determining how versatile they are, and evaluating how effectively they spin the golf ball. In order to ensure that it contains the most recent releases and the models that perform the best, this guide is updated on a regular basis through regular updates. 



Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedge

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In comparison to the previous model, the Vokey SM10 wedge has undergone a number of subtle yet significant modifications, including an increase in spin and a decrease in launch, as well as an extension of groove life and an improvement in feel. The range has a number of different grind options to choose from.


Callaway CB 2023 Wedge

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The Callaway CB wedge is exceptionally forgiving, designed to provide the greatest possible ease of use, and offers clean turf engagement from a variety of lies through its construction.


Cleveland CBX 4 Zipcore Wedge

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The structure of the Callaway CB wedge allows it to produce clean turf engagement from a variety of lies, and it is highly forgiving. It was developed to provide the maximum possible ease of use.


Ping S159 Wedge

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Both in terms of appearance and performance, the Ping S159 wedges are on par with any other wedges now available on the market. Not only did they provide an outstanding spin when chipping and pitching, but they also produced a strong and steady ball flight when firing from a bit further out. 


TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge

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A wedge that is exceptionally well-balanced and features a high centre of gravity (CG) for easy trajectory and distance control. Additionally, the hi-toe design provides forgiveness, particularly if the shot is shorter.


TaylorMade MG4 Wedge 

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A wedge that is not only excellent in appearance but also spins at a consistently high level regardless of the climate. The outside body of the wedge provides a great contrast to the raw face of the wedge, which assists in boosting confidence behind the ball.


Cobra King Snakebite Wedge

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When we put the Cobra King Snakebite Wedge through our testing, we discovered that it has a classic profile and a wonderful feel, making it one of the most forgiving wedges now available on the market.


Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Wedge

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The Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore wedge combines a sophisticated appearance with more forgiveness and spin in wet conditions, making it an ideal choice for golfers. Exceptionally high-performing and with a pleasant feel.


Mizuno T24 Wedge

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A wedge with a traditional appearance that is not only designed to be incredibly flexible but also to appeal to golfers of all skill levels. If you are a better player, the compact head will definitely be more appealing to your eye.


Callaway Jaws Raw Wedge

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The latest Raw edition is now available for purchase as part of the Callaway Jaws wedge lineup. Roger Cleveland is credited with designing this golf course, which is considered to have the most severe grooves around.


MacGregor V Foil Wide Sole Sand Wedge

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People who have chipping as a weakness in their game are the target audience for the MacGregor V Foil Wide Sole Sand Wedge, which is targeted towards those individuals. Because of the large sole, there are much fewer missed hits.






Lofts: 46°-62°

Grinds: 6 (F, S, M, K, L, D)

Finishes: 3 (Chrome, Matte Black, Nickel)

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  • Improved spin performance

  • Lower launch for more control

  • 25 lie, loft and bounce combinations



  • Raw finish is no longer a standard offering

Vokey wedges have been regarded as the gold standard for a very long time since they provide not only luxury looks but also great performance and market-leading adaptability. Vokey wedges continue to be the most popular wedges used in professional golf, and Titleist has produced the new SM10 wedge to expand on the enormous success of the SM9 wedge designed by the company. More than half of the wedges that were used on the PGA Tour in the previous year were Titleist Vokey Wedges. This is an astounding statistic when one considers the vast selection of high-quality wedges that are available from other brands.
There are a few small differences, such as progressive shaping, which gives them a superb look at address in all loft settings. The aesthetics of the SM10s have altered relatively little at first glance, but there are a few subtle differences because of the progressive shaping. When compared to the more lofted wedges, the stronger lofted wedges have a slightly smaller head shape. Additionally, the leading edge of the stronger lofted wedges is more straight than the leading edge of the sand and lob wedges in the lineup.
Under the hood, Bob Vokey and the engineers at Titleist have been hard at work to make these wedges the greatest performing wedges they have ever made. Although the Vokey SM10 wedges provide just slight alterations in terms of their appearance, they are capable of delivering exceptional performance. They are designed to fly significantly lower than the SM9, spin more, and have a feel that is substantially better than the SM9. The results of our tests demonstrated that this was definitely the case, as the SM10 was able to fly lower and spin more than its predecessor.



Exceptionally forgiving wedge with strong looks


Lofts: 48°- 60°

Grinds: 1 – Full Sole

Finishes: 1

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  • Superb levels of spin and flight control

  • Extremely forgiving on all types of shots

  • Premium looks in a cavity back design


  • Full face grooves only available in the weaker lofts

Those who have difficulty maintaining consistency from one hundred yards out may find that the CB wedge offers considerable performance gains, despite the fact that its design may not be as streamlined as that of some of the greatest golf wedges now available on the market. This is without a doubt one of the most forgiving wedges that money can buy, and we would not hesitate to call it that.
The Callaway CB wedge is designed to be simple to use, and throughout our testing, it demonstrated a clean interaction with the turf from a variety of lies. It is especially stunning when it is coming out of the sand and around the greens. When placed at address, the full face design that we tested clearly instills confidence. It also assisted in the creation of a great deal of spin, particularly when playing shots with an open face or in bunker shots, which is why this wedge is considered to be one of the greatest opportunities for chipping.
All of this is contained within a cavity back head, and the CB wedge, which is available in a variety of lofts and has the option of full face grooves on the higher lofted wedges, offers a great deal of spin and feel.



A superb performing wedge that offers plenty of forgiveness


Lofts: 44°-60°

Grinds: 3 (V, S and C)

Finishes: 1 (Chrome)

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  • Great feel on fuller shots

  • Generous amounts of spin

  • Wide sole helps with strike consistency


  • Larger head size may put some better players off

It is the same technology that can be found in some of the best Cleveland wedges, including as the amazing RTX6 wedges, and it is featured in the CBX 4 Zipcore wedges. Through the use of this Zipcore technology, a more substantial steel in the hosel can be substituted with a vibration dampening substance that is both lightweight and powerful. After that, the weight that was saved from the heel is redistributed across the toe and higher on the face, which boosts the moment of impact and provides the best possible placement of the CG.
People who are wanting to upgrade their wedges this season will find that the CBX 4 wedges are a particularly excellent option to consider. In addition to delivering exceptionally high levels of performance and forgiveness, which golfers of all skill levels will find to be beneficial, they also demonstrated a good performance in our testing operations.
Due to the feel and size of the head, we would say that they are aimed slightly more towards the golfer with a higher handicap. However, golfers with a lower handicap should not dismiss them out of hand because any golfer who is looking for more assistance around the greens could benefit from the spin performance that these wedges offer. 



A forgiving, versatile wedge that offers excellent spin control


Lofts: 46°-60°

Grinds: 6 (SS, WS, TS, Eye2)

Finishes: 2 (Chrome, Black)

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  • Premium looks

  • Produces extremely high levels of greenside spin

  • Mid-sized head will inspire confidence for those who need it


  • Clean look could limit shelf appeal for some

Following in the footsteps of the Glide 4.0 and Glide Forged models, Ping has introduced some of the best wedges in recent times, and the S159 wedges appear to be a continuation of this trend if they are successful.
A player with a mid-low handicap and a more confident ball striker who is searching for a wedge that has a classic appearance and incorporates some of the most recent technologies to help with performance is the target audience for the S159 wedges.
During our testing, these wedges completely blew our minds. Even though there was a vibration dampening slot inserted on the rear of the head, these wedges still provided a significant amount of feedback. The sensation from the face was somewhat gentle, particularly when fuller shots were taken. Due to the fact that shots had a trajectory that was incredibly steady and mid-high, we were able to attack pins and be really aggressive when we were taking full shots. The Ping S159 wedges created more spin on chip and pitch shots than any other wedge we’ve tested in the past year, and they did so without overspinning on fuller wedge strokes. This was something that we found to be the case around the greens.
The WebFit Wedge App was developed by Ping, and it gives golfers the opportunity to answer a questionnaire about their wedge game online. The questionnaire may be completed in fewer than two minutes. The programme will suggest one or two grind options that are the greatest match for your game based on the answers you provide. This will allow you to know that you are playing the appropriate grind and bounce options for your game, while also save you from having to pay for a custom fitting! 


A premium looking wedge that offers a soft yet stable feel on all shots


Lofts: 50-60°

Grinds: 1 (Three bounces)

Finishes: 2 (Chrome & Aged Copper)

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  • High level of spin control

  • Incredible looks from every angle

  • Ample versatility from the four-way cambered sole


  • Only one bounce option available in the low and mid lofts

The beautiful appearance of this wedge is a result of its aged copper finish. The Hi-Toe 3 is a feast for the eyes, whether you are looking down at the address or even simply staring at it sitting in the bag. As it rusts over time, it will blend in with the Raw face.
During the testing process, we were impressed by the spin of offer, which we attribute to the elevated micro-ribs that are positioned between the grooves. These give texture to the face, which results in higher friction and more spin around the green. We were able to really feel this at work since we were able to hit those low, spinny chips, even with a lob wedge.
In wedges with a face angle of 54 degrees or greater, full-face grooves offer increased forgiveness and spin, even when the ball is struck off-center. Additionally, wedges with a taller toe design are very helpful when you need to open the face in both the bunker and the rough. In conclusion, this wedge is exceptionally well-balanced. It has a high centre of gravity, which makes it simple to manage the trajectory and distance of the ball, and the hi-toe shape, which provides forgiveness on shorter strokes in particular, is a distinct advantage. 



Arguably one of the best looking wedges on the market


Lofts: 46°-60°

Grinds: 7 (Low, Standard, High, LBV, SBC, HBW and TW)

Finishes: Two (Chrome and Black)

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  • High levels of spin

  • Traditional shaping


  • Arguably lacks versatility for the more creative golfers

The MG4 is a wedge that has a wonderful appearance and spins at a consistently high level at all times, regardless of the conditions. A raw face is perfectly contrasted by the outer body of the wedge, which helps to enhance confidence behind the ball. Additionally, the wedge offers different bounce and loft settings, which allows players to get fully dialled in on their swing.
Raw face technology has emerged as a significant trend in wedges, and the MG4 features an unplated surface material that rusts with time in order to keep the spin generation continuously high even when the conditions are damp. Additionally, in order to improve spin and precision around the greens, TaylorMade has included Raised Micro-Ribs between the grooves, just as they did with the Hi-Toe 3, which was stated before. Spin tread technology has also been introduced to ensure that moisture is pushed away from impact in order to maximise spin, and our testing revealed that the spin that is available is of an exceptional quality.
With the addition of the TW grind, there are now seven different bounce options available: low standard and high, LBV, SBC, and HBW. These wedges, in both the chrome and the black finishes, received a lot of positive feedback from us on their appearance. A very classic profile is used, and the wedges are progressive across the lofts in a variety of ways, including the length of the hosel, the height of the toe, the length of the blade, and the offset. 


Most forgiving


Lofts: Traditional grooves 46°- 54°, Full face 56°- 60°

Grinds: 3

Finishes: 1

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  • Highly forgiving

  • Loads of spin

  • Soft feel


  • Shiny finish won’t appeal to some

These streamlined wedges from Cobra are loaded with technology that enhances spin in wet situations, and they offer a remarkable degree of adjustability for a wide variety of shots. The wedges are an elegant, uncomplicated, and visually appealing pair of shoes.
As a result of our testing, we discovered that the Cobra King Snakebite Wedge is among the most forgiving wedges now available on the market. Furthermore, the performance of this wedge was excellent in both dry and wet circumstances.
The wedge is a versatile piece of equipment that features a traditional profile and full-face grooves that serve to provide a great deal more control in a number of circumstances, including sand, rough, and the fairway.
The manufacturer claims that the Snakebite grooves are 11% deeper and 40% sharper than previously. When it comes to assisting golfers in producing more ‘bite,’ the revolutionary groove technology that Cobra has developed is not only excellent in terms of forgiveness, but also an excellent combination of workability and spin. 


Aimed at more competent ball strikers offering a soft feel and versatility


Lofts: 46-60°

Grinds: 4 (Low, Low+, Mid, Full)

Finishes: 3 (Satin, Rack Raw & Black)

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  • Tri-bounce sole works from all conditions

  • High level of spin on all shots

  • Great looks

  • Wide range of lofts and bounces


  • Felt a little on heavy side

The Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore wedge combines a sophisticated appearance with more forgiveness and spin in wet conditions, making it an ideal choice for golfers. There is a lot of technology packed into the RTX6, but the majority of the advances that are included in it are not visible to the human eye. For example, the ZipCore insert in the hosel is constructed of up to 95 percent more aluminium and silicon material than it was in the past. This allows for the weight to be saved, which can then be relocated to other parts of the head. This allows the RTX 6 to be more forgiving by raising the MOI by up to 20 percent.
UltiZip grooves on the face are now more distinct, deeper, and closer together than they were in the past. Additionally, the proportions of these grooves change depending on the loft of the face. In order to achieve the highest possible level of friction, the entire face is treated with HydraZip blasting and a more matte finish than it was previously. Additionally, laser milled lines are included in the area between the grooves.
From 46 degrees to 60 degrees, there is a wide range of lofts available in a number of bounces, including a new 8 degree Low+ option that is available in the 54 degree and 56 degree heads.
During our testing, it carried out quite well, and it is without a doubt one of the best Cleveland wedges that you ought to give serious consideration to adding to your collection. 



Some stunning finishes match the exceptional performance and versatility


Lofts: 46°-60°

Grinds: 5 (S, D, V, X, C)

Finishes: 3 (Chrome, Raw, Denim Copper)

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  • Super spin control

  • Wide range of finishes available


  • Raw finishes scuffs up quickly

A product that received five stars in our assessment, the T24 wedges from Mizuno feature a classic appearance that is close to that of the Titleist Vokey SM9, which is largely considered to be the most successful wedge product in the industry. We put the Mizuno T24 wedge through its paces in the Soft White Satin finish, which turned out to be our personal choice. However, these wedges are also available in a striking Denim Copper and Tour Raw finish, just like the T22 series.
A wedge with a traditional appearance that is not only designed to be incredibly flexible but also to appeal to golfers of all skill levels. The small head will undoubtedly be more appealing to the sight of the more accomplished golfer; however, the fact that it has a high-spin face and a number of high-bouncing alternatives ensures that any golfer will be satisfied.
This wedge was put through thorough testing around the greens, in tricky lies, and with more full strokes, and the results revealed that we were extremely impressed with the performance that it offered.
On the other hand, if you are a proficient ball striker who enjoys the appearance and feel of the finest golf blades or Mizuno irons and are looking to update your wedges, then the Mizuno T24 might be exactly what you have been looking for all along.


Exceptional control comes from the raw face with added friction


Lofts: 54°-64°

Grinds: 1 (C Grind)

Finishes: 2 (Raw Chrome, Raw Black)

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  • Incredible levels of spin

  • Inspiring looks

  • Easy to flight


  • Feel off the face is quite firm

The renowned wedge guru Roger Cleveland is credited with designing this club, which is claimed to have grooves that are the most aggressive in the competition of golf. The spin that was offered by the machined micro-grooves and the Raw face is something that truly pleased us during the testing process. The removal of the plate makes it possible to have a more direct contact, and we saw this to be the case across all lengths of shot, although it is especially beneficial when you are shooting from moist grass.
Additionally, the versatility that was provided stood out in a significant way. The amount of control that was available was incredible, whether it was floating the ball a bit higher or chasing something that was near to the ground. The new “Z Grind” that has been engineered to skid rather than dig into the turf was a significant factor in this development, which was ultimately beneficial.
When it comes to aesthetics, this wedge is among the most attractive ones available on the market. This wedge looks amazing from every perspective, and regardless of whether you prefer the chrome or black plasma finish, you will not be dissatisfied in either option. A wedge that also sits pretty in the bag, the classic shaping, straight leading edge, and minimum offset combine to inspire confidence over the ball. From the rear, the modest stylistic touches and weight system make it a wedge that also sits pretty in the bag.
A total of four different grind options are available for the Jaws Raw, including S (standard), W (wide), Z, and X. Lofts range from 48 degrees all the way up to 60 degrees. There are a total of seventeen different combinations of loft and bounce for each finish, which means that there is something that will appeal to golfers of all different types and skill levels. 



A forgiving budget option for inconsistent strikers around the green


Lofts: 66° only

Grinds: 1

Finishes: 1

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  • Helps to reduce fat and thin chips

  • Promotes straighter shots

  • Confidence-inducing


  • Right hand only

Although the MacGregor V Foil Wide Sole Sand Wedge is a club that is primarily designed for a specialised player and is not intended for players with more experience, we believe that it is an excellent product and have awarded it with a perfect score of five stars in our review.
Golfers who consider chipping to be a significant weakness in their game are the target audience for this. It is meant to make it much simpler for golfers with high handicaps to be more efficient around the greens. The wide sole helps to decrease mishits by eliminating thin and fat shots, which may be a problem for both novice golfers and players with less experience.
The club is shaped in such a manner that it will glide over the turf, which reduces the likelihood of a chunk shot as well as a thin shot that can be caused by the club bouncing. This is because the wide sole is designed in such a way that it makes it very difficult to sink into the turf. As opposed to the typical loft range of 56-60 degrees that is found on the majority of sand wedges, the loft range of 66 degrees is much higher (Insert Link). Players with higher handicaps can benefit greatly from this additional loft since it enables them to get the ball into the air without having to open the face. This makes it an ideal choice for situations in which you need to get the ball up and stop it as quickly as possible.
Due to the fact that it was never designed with good chippers in mind, you won’t be able to build or craft a lot of different shots with it. Additionally, it is unlikely that good chippers will be attracted to it by any means. If you have trouble getting around the greens, you should give it a shot. 


Gapping: In order to determine whether or not you need to carry additional choices, you should measure the yardages of your present wedges and the frequency with which you switch clubs. Getting this right across the entire bag is a crucial component of your bag setup. This is because knowing your gaps can help you to fill out your bag appropriately, whether that means carrying two, three, or four wedges. This, in turn, can have an effect on the number of clubs you are able to carry at the top of the bag. It is also true that the contrary is true. We have also compiled a guide on the best gap wedges, so if you are interested in learning more about this topic, you can check it out.


Bounce: The use of low bounce wedges is more appropriate for use on hard fairways and tight lies, whilst the use of high bounce wedges is more appropriate for use on bunkers and softer ground conditions. When you play a wedge, the highest bounce you will ever see is approximately 18 degrees, but it might be as low as 2 degrees. Your typical angle of attack, the degree of firmness of your fairways, and the kinds of shots you like to hit around the greens should all play a significant role in determining the type of bounce you choose to use.

Finish: Copper and black PVD are two options that are becoming more and more widespread. Although the difference is primarily cosmetic, dark finishes have the potential to assist minimise glare. As an alternative, there are designs that are traditional in both chrome and silver, as you can see above. Therefore, it is a matter of selecting a design that you like the look of not only when you are at the address, but also when you are carrying the bag.

Grooves: In spite of the fact that grooves are now subject to stringent regulations, it is still very important to stay current with the most recent designs. These designs make use of novel milling methods and groove shapes to assist in the movement of water and dirt away from the ball during impact, which results in increased spin and improved control. Furthermore, there are a number of manufacturers that have introduced wedges that feature grooves that extend across the entirety of the face. It is true that it takes some time to get used to this, but if you are a player who has difficulty striking the ball, using a full-faced wedge could be beneficial to you when it comes to creating spin towards the toe. 



The answer to this is subjective and can only really be found through a custom fitting. However, contained in our list above is a selection of the best wedges currently on the market – all of which will deliver exceptional performance.


Again, this probably depends on each golfer’s specific game, but in a general sense, the pitching wedge is the club most commonly used at that end of the bag. 


Typically, the most forgiving wedges are those that come with full-face grooves. This is because golfers will still be able to generate lots of spin and control, no matter the strike location. In addition, there are also a host of cavity-back wedges, which might not look as nice, but the high MOI design will make them easier to hit consistently.



Wedges with a high MOI offer added stability and forgiveness, which leads us to conclude that cavity-back designs are likely the easiest to hit. And from a loft perspective, it will depend on how your wedge set-up complements your swing and the type of turf you tend to play from.


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