Best Golf Shoes: Step Up Your Game with Comfort and Grip

Have the greatest golf equipment if you want to play to the best of your ability.

Golf clubs, a golf bag, a golf towel, and a few golf balls are all essential items for a round of golf. In addition to that, you need to purchase a fantastic set of golf shoes. Your buying should not end there.
You want something that is fashionable, practical, or both. Have you ever wanted to look like your favorite professional golfer on the PGA (or LPGA) tour, or do you want to forge your own path?
We are able to assist you in any way that you choose to respond to these questions.
We have compiled a list of the best twenty golf shoes for the year 2024, which includes five pairs of shoes that well-known players are now wearing when they are competing for millions of dollars on the course.
If you want to get more out of your next round of golf, you should find the perfect golf shoe for your game. 


Types Of Golf Shoes

It is important to note that not all golf shoes are the same; there are numerous varieties available to cater to the various sorts of golfers.
Be sure to select a pair of golf shoes that corresponds to the way you like playing the game. 


Spiked Golf Shoes

Those of you who are over the age of forty definitely remember the days when “real” spikes were popular.
The spikes on golf shoes used to be made of metal, and while they were effective at providing grip, they also caused significant damage to the course, particularly on the greens. Beginning in the middle of the 1990s, they were made illegal, and almost immediately after that, they were denied access to the majority of courses across the country.
Even though there are still some professionals in the PGA who use metal, amateurs are not permitted to use them.
A mild spike is what we mean when we talk about spikes at this point.
Plastic is used in their construction, and they offer a secure hold on the ground without leaving holes all over the surfaces that are used for putting. Golfers typically wear soft spiked shoes since they are the most prevalent and the shoes that the majority of golfers use. 


Spikeless Golf Shoes

A pair of shoes that can only be worn on the golf course is something that you should consider purchasing if you are a casual golfer.
Although you may always play with tennis shoes or running shoes, there are a few benefits that come along with purchasing golf shoes.
There are a lot of firms who sell spikeless golf shoes. Consider them to be athletic shoes that are meant for the course, but they are also suitable for wearing around town. 


Golf Boot

It is common for golf boots to have soft spikes on the bottom, despite the fact that they are supposed to resemble like hiking boots.
When it comes to golf shoes, they are by far the most waterproof option available, and in addition, they offer additional warmth throughout the winter months. Here at Red Birdie Golf, you can also read a review of the best waterproof golf shoes that are currently available.
The vast majority of golfers have more than one pair of golf boot shoes in their collection. In the event of inclement weather or during the offseason, you will bring them out. If you are playing golf during the summer, we do not advise you to purchase golf boots. 


Golf Sandal

Are you looking for a pair of golf shoes that communicates, “I’m a casual player”? Put on a pair of golf sandals!
With the exception of the fact that they have soft spikes, they are identical to sandals that you might wear to the pool or when hanging out in the backyard.
Their comfort makes them ideal for a trip to the driving range or a par three course, both of which are ideal destinations. It’s possible that you won’t want to use them at all to walk all 18 holes. 


Qualities Of The Best Golf Shoes

There are several factors you should consider prior to buying a new pair of golf shoes.

How you rank these factors will depend on how you play the game and what is important to you.

Quality – Do the shoes have a high level of craftsmanship? Do they make use of materials of a high quality in their construction?
If you invest in a pair of golf shoes of superior quality, they have the potential to last for a number of years. There is a possibility that you could wind up paying more money in the long run if you choose to get a shoe at a discount. 

Brand – What is the significance of the brand to you?
Are you interested in purchasing a golf brand that is well-known and well-known, or do you not care what the label says?
For the most part, we advise you to stay with golf brands that have a proven track record. For years, they have been responsible for the production and sale of golf shoes. 

Comfort – The most major advancement that has been made in golf shoes over the past ten years is the improvement in comfort.
In the past, many golfer shoes were more comparable to dress shoes than they were to sports gear; however, this has changed.
It is now possible to get a pair of running shoes that are just as comfortable as high-end running sneakers. One of the most important characteristics to take into consideration if you want to walk the course rather than renting a cart. 

Price – Shoes ranging in price from $85 to $230 are included on our list of the top 20.
You will need to make a decision regarding whether you want the best regardless of price or whether you are seeking for the best deal. This is because everyone has a varied budget.
Which would you prefer: a single pair of golf shoes or a selection of different pairs?
For the purpose of finding the ideal shoe for you, combine these four characteristics according to your specifications. And now, let’s take a look at our top picks. 


The first 5 golf shoes to make our list are all worn on the PGA tour by some of your favorite players.


They trust them when trying to win millions, so you can probably trust them for your weekend round.


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1. Nike Roshe G Tour

Additionally, the Nike Roshe G golf shoes include detachable soft spikes and are created from materials that are both lightweight and breathable. Additionally, they are waterproof.
There are two distinct color options available for the Nike Roshe G Tour, which has a design that prioritizes comfort.
You can find these shoes for less than $100, which makes them an excellent price for a shoe that has been proven to be of high quality on the PGA Tour.
Nike is a name that you can rely on because it has been in the golfer shoe market for a significant amount of time. 

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2. FootJoy DryJoys Tour

A classic-looking golf shoe that has been worn by notable golfers such as Harris English, Patrick Reed, and Patrick Cantlay to the course.
This team has already won a couple of victories on tour in the year 2021.
The Footjoy DryJoys Tour golf shoes feature a saddle design that has been utilized by the golf industry for a number of years. In addition to being completely waterproof for a period of two years, they have the most advanced stability PODS technology, which helps to improve your balance while you are swinging.
The aggressive soft spikes offer a superb grip while the player is shooting. The typical price will fall somewhere in the area of $150. 

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3. Adidas ZG21

If you were to remove the soft spikes from the Adidas ZG21, it would appear like a shoe that could be worn for a marathon in addition to being quite comfortable.
Dustin Johnson, Xander Schauffele, and Collin Morikawa are the ones who are participating in them at the moment.
During the course of the past half year, DJ has been dominating the competition in his ZG21 automobiles.
They are incredibly gentle on the body and comfortable to wear. Suitable for walking 18 holes while still feeling enough refreshed to participate in a post-round workout on the driving range during the round. For a price of $180, you can have them. 


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4. FootJoy ICON Black

Footjoy maintains its saddle design for the ICON Black, which is the brand’s most popular color. These are the golf shoes that Justin Thomas and Webb Simpson use when they compete.
High-quality leather is used in the construction of Footjoy shoes, and memory foam is incorporated into the tongue and the collar to ensure a comfortable fit.
It is assured that they will be waterproof for a period of two years, and they come with the soft spikes that are the most popular in the business (Pulsar by SoftSpikes). They were initially sold for $300, but you can now find them for a price that is closer to $200. 

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5. Adidas CodeChaos

CodeChaos golf shoes, manufactured by Adidas, are yet another example of golfer shoes that are disguised as athletic supplies.
At the moment, Tyrell Hatton and Daniel Berger are the ones that are wearing them.
Code Chaos are not only lightweight but also provide support for your foot. In order to keep your feet feeling fresh while you are out on the course, the midsole has been developed to offer energy with each step.
They do not have any spikes and are waterproof. For a price of $150, you can have them. 


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6. FootJoy Pro/SL

These Footjoy Pro/SL golf shoes have a design that is more athletic than the models that came before them on our list. In order to give cushioning for each step, they are constructed using FTF, which stands for finely tuned foam. You will experience increased stability as a result of the innovative design of the infinity outsole. Rather than having spikes that can be removed, the Pro/SL golf shoes contain 189 points of traction, which allows them to deliver a reliable hold.
These golf shoes are available from Footjoy in a variety of color combinations, and if you are feeling very inventive, you can even build your own pair just for yourself. Their price is $170. 


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Our list begins with the IGNITE PROADAPT, which is the first Puma sneaker to be included. The golf industry has been completely taken over by the “cool” brand Puma, which is immensely popular among younger players. Puma has taken over the golf industry. The Adaptive Fit System and full-grain leather were used in the construction of this shoe to ensure the wearer’s comfort.
It is recommended that you give the IGNITE PRODADAPT some thought if you are seeking for a golf shoe that is not only simple but also fashionable and features spikes. The price is two hundred dollars.

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8. Under Armour Spieth 4 Gore-Tex

Under Armour entered the golf gear industry when they signed Jordan Speith to endorse their products. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they utilize his name on their premium shoe. Under Armour assures that they will remain waterproof for a period of two years, and they are constructed with microfiber that is both breathable and waterproof, maintaining the moisture and temperature of your feet.
The Spieth 4 is available in a traditional white style with red and black accents, and it is equipped with RST 2.0 soft spikes. You may now find them for a price that is closer to $150, although their original price was $200. 

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9. Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoes were designed with running shoes in mind, making them an ideal choice for golfers who like to walk about the course rather than ride in a cart. Despite the fact that they do not have spikes, they offer a traction pattern that will keep you from slipping on the fairway.
The Air Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoes are guaranteed to be waterproof for a period of two years and are exceptionally lightweight thanks to their construction. In order to create this design, Nike collaborated with Brooks Koepka. They are priced at $160.

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One of the second pairs of Puma shoes to make it onto our list is the IGNITE PWRADAPT, which is a more cost-effective option. For the golfer who is wanting to save a few cash, these are an excellent offer because they are just priced at $99 each.
These spiked golf shoes, sometimes known as tornado cleats, are constructed with a performance mesh that allows your feet to breathe more easily. They are available in four distinct color combinations, and they come with a guarantee that they are waterproof for a period of two years.

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11. FootJoy Tour X

In sum, twenty percent of our list is comprised of Footjoy. They have been producing golf shoes of superior quality for many years, and the Tour X is just one example of this. PGA tour players were the inspiration behind its creation, but it also has the potential to be an excellent shoe for weekend warriors.
Once you have experienced the Tour X, the word “comfort” is the first thing that springs to mind. In order to maintain your sense of well-being throughout the day, Footjoy wants their products to provide support and a properly fitting foot. They will provide you with additional support throughout your swing, and the soft spikes that are strategically positioned will guarantee that you do not slip while you are making a crucial shot. The cost of these items is $200. 


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12. Ecco S-Three Golf Shoes

Although ECCO may not have the same level of brand recognition in the golf industry as Footjoy or Adidas, they do provide a product of superior quality. In order to achieve their goal of providing style in addition to performance, the S-Three delivers on both fronts. The golfing shoes in question are able to withstand the weather because they are constructed with full-grain leather and GORE-TEX technology that is 100% waterproof.
The S-Three is a spikeless shoe that offers traction by utilizing one hundred traction points that are uniformly dispersed around the sole of the shoe. The BOA fit system, which allows you to tighten the fit with just a simple turn of a dial, is another option that they provide. There is a premium price tag of $230 attached to this well regarded golf shoe. 

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13. Puma RS-G

The Puma RS-G is a spikeless golf shoe that has a distinctive appearance. You should have a pair of golf shoes that will assist you stand out while you are on the driving range or on the first tee. Additionally, the RS-G is versatile enough to be worn to your next social gathering in addition to providing sufficient traction for your tour around the course.
Puma took their well-known running shoe, the RS-X3, and transformed it into a golf shoe that any golfer would be proud to get their hands on. For a total of $130, you can include them in your collection. 

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 14. Skechers GO GOLF Mojo

Skechers may not be the brand of golf shoes that your grandfather used to wear, but it does not mean that you should not think seriously about their golf shoes. The Go GOLF Mojo is a spikeless golf shoe that is meant to be waterproof and designed to make your next round of golf more pleasant.
They are quite lightweight and offer excellent traction at the same time. The combination of Ultra Go cushioning and smooth full-grain leather results in a shoe that gives a pleasing look as well as a good feel. For a price of $125, you have the option of black or white. 


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15. Adidas Tour360 XT

The last pair of Adidas golf shoes that we have included on our list is a design that is more traditional and features high-end attributes. Since they were first introduced in 2019, the Tour360 XT range of golf shoes has been constantly being recognized with honors. A 360-degree wrap, which is a unique feature, offers support to your foot that is not available with other shows.
Would you like to never fall again? These golf shoes include highly developed traction in addition to soft spikes, which will ensure that your feet remain steady while you swing the club. A pair of these fashionable golf shoes may be yours for the low price of $200.

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16. Nike Air Max 1 G

For years, the Nike Air Max shoe has been a favorite among runners and walkers. Now, golfers can experience the same level of comfort with the Nike Air Max 1 G because it is designed specifically for golfers. Not only does this spikeless golf shoe provide the necessary traction for the course, but it may also be worn in everyday life. Genuine footwear that may be used for multiple purposes.
Fashionable, cozy, and adaptable in any situation. In a golf shoe, exactly what else could you possibly want? All of this for a price that is far over one hundred dollars. 


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17. Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 BOA

A pair of breathable and comfortable ECCO Yak leather is used in the construction of the Biom Hybrid 3 BOA golf shoes, which are the second pair of Ecco shoes to make it onto our list. The BOA dial system, which ensures that they are the right size each and every time you put them on, is included in these shoes, and they are waterproof.
However, they offer plenty of traction because to the unique Tri-Fi-Grip, which has three different zones to help with stability, durability, and rotation. Despite the absence of spikes, they have little traction. The price is two hundred dollars. 

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18. ASICS Gel-Course Duo Boa

Introducing a brand of golf shoes that you may try out! It is likely that you are a runner if you are familiar with the brand ASICS; yet, this does not mean that they do not produce excellent golf shoes. The dial lacing mechanism that comes with the Gel-Course Duo Boa golf shoes ensures that the shoes will always fit snugly around your feet.
The sole is constructed with multiple layers, which allows for more comfort while maintaining the shoe’s lightweight design. Despite the fact that they do not have spikes, they offer more than enough traction to allow even the most rapid swing. Additionally, they cost $180 and have a sensation that is more similar to that of running shoes than golf shoes. 

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19. Skechers Torque Winter Golf Boots

Do you play golf 365 days a year, regardless of the weather? If this is the case, you might want to consider the Torque Brogan Winter Golf Boots that are manufactured by Skechers. These shoes are designed to keep your feet warm and dry by velcroing and lacing them up high.
When you wear these golf shoes, you won’t have to worry about it being slick on winter courses. In order to ensure that you are able to maintain a steady stance, they have both soft spikes and traction. Our recommendation is that you do not wear them in the desert in the month of July; nonetheless, they are ideal for the offseason. This item costs $145.

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20. FootJoy Golf Sandals

We finish up our selection of footwear with a genuinely one-of-a-kind alternative, which is sandals that have soft spikes. Is your playing style more casual? Will you take pleasure in unwinding at the driving range or in a speedy evening 9? So, if you are someone who enjoys wearing sandals and playing golf, why not mix the two?
FootJoy’s Golf Sandals are designed to provide you with ample traction so that you can execute your golf swing. They are attached to your feet by velcro, so they are comfortable to wear. This is not a problem at all. At $85, these are the least expensive pair of shoes on our list. 


Top 20 Golf Shoes Of 2024

What do you think of our choices?

Do you currently play in any of these golf shoes?

Do you have a brand/style that you would add?

The key to finding the correct golf shoes for you is to match them up how you play.

You need to be comfortable with how they feel and how they look.

Do you enjoy walking the course? Select a pair of shoes that are designed to help you with that part of your game.

Make your choice, lace them up, and play well!


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