Best Golf Putters: Elevate Your Putting Game

  • Having the proper putter in your bag can help dramatically improve your overall golf and improve your putting accuracy.
  • The best putters provide a high level of feedback that allow you to check out and proper any mistakes in your form and technique.
  • Our top pick, the Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3, offers a customizable weight and feel, is forgiving on mis-hits, and features a milled face that delivers true ball roll.

Golf are often a highly frustrating sport as nearly every aspect of the sport affords a good range of potential outcomes, both good and terrible. A poor chase away the tee can make your ball disappear, while any number of slices and draws on the green may cause hazards like sand, water, or knee-high grass.

Then there’s the green. This small patch of well-manicured grass is that the last hurdle you would like to clear to manoeuvre onto subsequent hole — goodbye as you are able to reliably putt. Though many this comes right down to skill, a number of it concerns the sort of putter you select to stay in your bag. What seems simple enough in design can even have a dramatic impact on your game.

To help take the guesswork out of which putter fits your game best, we’ve compiled the subsequent guide of the simplest currently availableAt the top of this guide, we’ve also included some recommendations on the way to buy a putter, also as some insight into the various putter types and what features to stay in mind.

Here are the best putters:

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The Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3 best putters delivers the classic look golfers love and also offers the newest materials and technologies.

Pros: Forgiving on mis-hits, removable weights within the heel and toe for customizing the putter’s feel, the milled face of the putter gives you a real ball roll, the new left-handed version are going to be available

Cons: Takes practise to dial within the desired distance consistently, top of a putter may reflect sun’s glare, very expensive

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3 putter delivers the newest materials and technology you’d expect during a high-end putter, yet it all fits into a sharp-looking design that resembles classic putters.

At rock bottom of the putter, you will find two round weights that you simply can swap bent give the putter a special feel. These weights, which range from 10 grams to twenty grams apiece, allow you to regulate the heel/toe weight of the putter. This putter provides an excellent toe flow within the stroke because the shaft is connected to the putter’s heel with a 3/4-inch offset.

The head of the Select Newport 3 consists of chrome steel , while the putter face is formed from milled aluminium. The face’s material helps to offer you a better level of feedback within the putting stroke than most metal faces.

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If you struggle to properly align your putts, the Odyssey O-Works Red 2-Ball putter gives you a visible clue with circles that  appear as if golf balls printed on the mallet head.

Pros: Favorable design, marked improvement over past versions, the red colour gives you a transparent contrast with the 2 white circles, the planning is extremely forgiving of mis-hits

Cons: Expensive putter, some people find the red colour and therefore the two white circles on top of the blade distracting

Golfers aren’t shy about providing opinions on putter designs. But when it involves the 2-ball design of the Odyssey O-Works Red 2-Ball putter, those opinions increase quite bit.

Some people do not like the design of the 2-ball putter design, which features two white circles about the dimensions of golf balls directly within the centre of the putter face. people just like the way the 2 white circles help them visualize the trail the putter should follow, moving those white circles through the white ball during the putting stroke.

Those who just like the design and find it easier to use swear by it. the newest version of the Odyssey 2-ball putter may be a high-level performer which will be a well-liked choice among those that sort of a mallet-style putter.

One of the most important improvements during this remake of the Odyssey O-Works is that the micro hinge face insert, which consists of chrome steel and delivers a high level of topspin on your putting strokes, even once you have a mis-hit. The insert also should deliver a touch more distance than you’ll have received within the past.

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The Pinemeadow Golf PGX best putters gives you an important mallet-style style putter for an excellent price.

Pros: reasonable price for a mallet style putter, extra weight gives the PGX a high-quality standard, white color of the putter head contrasts nicely with the alignment, no worries about the sun glare on putter head

Cons: Longevity of this putter is questionable, doesn’t contain high-end materials found in additional expensive putters that help with feel and vibration reduction

For some people, gaining confidence during a putter requires spending $100 or more. curiously enough , you’ll hand them a cheap putter and it’s as if their confidence disappears.

But if you’re more worried about what a putter does versus what it costs, the Pinemeadow Golf PGX putter features an important mallet-style putter that ought to offer you confidence. It delivers a number of an equivalent looks and putting feel that you’d find with a putter that costs two or 3 times more.

Certainly, the PGX doesn’t have a number of the high-end materials within the faceplate and within the insert behind the putter face that you’re going to find within the high-quality putters elsewhere on our list. except for beginners still learning the way to develop a pity putting, this one may be a nice introductory putter.

You can get the PGX in both left- and right-handed versions, also as in both men’s and women’s versions.

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX may be a heavy putter, weighing in at 380 grams, so it’ll offer you a solid ball strike. you’ll also get the women’s Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter for $40.

How to shop for a putters

Shape and weight balance play a key role within the design of recent putters and a few putter designs aim to catch up on oddities in your putting stroke.

Different shapes of putters also can help people gain more confidence in their stroke. On the opposite hand, some may find certain shapes distracting to the attention . it is vital to undertake to match the sort of putter you’re using to your natural putting stroke path and to your personal preference on putter head shape.

Here are the various putter styles to stay in mind while shopping:

Blade: This sort of putter has been around for quite a century. it’s a rectangular-ish shape. The shaft enhanced from the heel of the putter, while the toe of the putter can have some an high angle or curved thereto . Its design works well for a golfer with a straight putting swing path.

Heel/Toe: A heel/toe style putter, which has extra weight at either end of the oblong putter, is an evolution of the blade-style putter. the load distribution should assist you to stay the putter online better. With a heel/toe putter, you’ll have the power to get rid of or add weight to the putter also . this enables a golfer to regulate the load of the heel/toe putter to match multiple sorts of swing paths.

Mallet: The mallet putter uses a deep shape within the back putter. This design creates a lower centre of gravity which reduces spin once you have an off-centre ball strike. many various shapes of mallet putters are available, including those with a rounded back or a squarish look.

Key features to keep in mind

Although all putters have a flat area that creates contact with the ball when putting, they use different materials to get feel when putting. When putting on especially fast greens, for instance , you’ll need a softer material within the putter face.

However, the simplest advice is to require a while to work out which sort of fabric gives you the simplest feel when putting, as each golfer can have different needs.

Metal Face: The face of the putter may contains almost any sort of metal, including steel, bronze, aluminium, or titanium.. Some metal faces include a milled (or rough or grooved) surface, designed to assist eliminate skidding and deliver the right topspin on the ball.

Insert Face: An insert face consists of tender materials than metal. Through the insert, manufacturers can redistribute the load across the face of the putter to assist you retain the swing path within the centre. An insert face should offer you a softer feel within the ball-strike than you will have with a metal face.

Combination Face: Some putters have an insert inside the putter, providing the advantages of that softer material, while also including a irons face that covers the sifter insert. Some golfers prefer the texture of this sort of putter.

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  1. What is the best putter for an average golfer? The best one for an average golfer is the club that you feel the best standing over. In general, a high MOI putter will help an inconsistent stroke and reduce twisting for off-center hits.


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