Grip it and Rip it: Best Golf Gloves for Every Golfer

  • A glove doesn’t just prevent blisters, it also gives you a high level of comfort and longevity.
  • Not all golfers wear them but those that play often prefer gloves for the impact they need on their game.
  • Our top pick, Bionic’s StableGrip, offers a cosy , comfortable fit, comes during a sort of sizes, and breaks in easily.

Although it’s going to be hard to believe, there was a period in golf’s history where woods were actually made from wood, and golf balls were constructed of leather and feathers (even the on-course drink cart wasn’t a thing). Thankfully, modern golfers can play with far better equipment and luxuriate in their favourite beverage at any time while playing.

At just one occasion , golfers also played without a glove. No reinforced palm, No moisture-wicking technology and no Velcro closure. However the primary best golf gloves became available around 1900, professionals didn’t use them until the 1930s. By the 1960s, nearly all players, both amateurs and professional, used gloves whenever they hit the golf links .

Today, golf gloves are as common as the other key piece of sports equipment . Wearing a glove helps you retain a sturdy grip on all aspects of your game — and they are highly important to anyone looking to enhance .

But that growth in popularity produced a good sort of glove types for an array of users. To help, we’ve field-tested a spread of gloves from top brands like Bionic, Callaway, and MG Golf to seek out the simplest currently available. At the top of this guide, we’ve also included some insight into what to seem for when buying golf gloves and why they seem to be a vital addition to anyone’s kit.

Here are the best golf gloves:


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FootJoy’s WeatherSof glove has been around an extended time, but constant updates to the planning have helped it remain a well-liked choice.

Pros: Strong price point, consists of an outsized amount of breathable fabric to stay your hand cool, available in multiple sizes, very fashionable model of the glove , good level of durability

Cons: Sizes tend to run a touch small, mesh backing may tear out over time

The FootJoy WeatherSof glove has been available for purchase for nearly three decades and remains one among the foremost popular gloves available. and there is an honest reason why: It’s incredibly comfortable to wear all day altogether sorts of weather , because of a breathable design.

This comfortable glove uses a mix of Cabretta leather and artificial materials to offer it a high level of durability. The WeatherSof glove even features a mesh fabric hidden within the black stripes on the rear of the glove for further breathability.

It’s also surprisingly affordable. you’ll find the WeatherSof in multiple sizes, and you’ll prefer to wear it on the left or right .

The exact placement of the leather and artificial fabrics during this glove’s design help to form the WeatherSof comfortable and breathable, and it can handle both cold and hot conditions equally well.

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The Grip Boost Second Skin 2.0 glove has an innovative design that uses stretchable webbing and meshes fabric to make a natural fit.

Pros: Very comfortable fit and feel, the great price point for a glove , offered in numerous sizes so you’ll find the proper fit, includes a mesh fabric to stay your hands dry and funky altogether weather

Cons: Fabrics may tear when placed under stress, it is a new glove design so longevity is unknown

Innovation during a glove isn’t easy to seek out , but the Grip Boost Golf Second Skin 2.0 glove has created an intriguing design that’ll feel easier than many other golf gloves.

The back of the glove features a webbing pattern that permits the glove to suit tightly, yet comfortably. The webbing stretches to form the glove easier to wear, moulding it to your hand.

The Golf Second Skin 2.0 glove has mesh windows and dimpled leather throughout the development , allowing this glove to tug moisture faraway from your hand for more comfort. you’ll pick from multiple sizes, also as a left- or right-handed fit. it is also quite affordable.

Even during humid weather, it is easy to require these gloves on and off, which provides them an enormous advantage over other gloves that sometimes stick with the hand once they become wet.

When you are looking for a glove that matches the hand perfectly, the Grip Boost glove works well, because it won’t bunch up strangely on your hand or wear unevenly within the palm area.

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The Callaway Golf OptiColor golf gloves are made up of genuine leather and that they are available fun, bright colours so you stand out on the course.

Pros: Multiple colour options in these golf gloves differ from other models, durable all-leather construction, the good price point for a few colours, extra build quality within the high-stress areas

Cons: Some colours within the gloves may stain your hands when the gloves become wet, all-leather construction requires extra care

Golf gloves haven’t exactly been bastions of design creativity or personalization. Mostly, your choices are white and black. The Callaway Golf OptiColor glove comes in colours like red, blue, and green to feature some spice to your golf gear.

The OptiColor golf gloves even have excellent longevity. These gloves have a high-quality leather design that ensures they will not give out easily under stress. However, to take care of these gloves in top condition, you’ll need to clean the leather regularly.

The designers paid much concentration to the termination system on these gloves, too. The Optifeel closure system on the Callaway golf gloves gives them a cosy feel while also contributing to their longevity. The Golf Info Guide says that this design choice is genius because golf gloves often give call at the world round the closure flap, where they’re under tons of stress.

The Cabretta leather within the design ensures these gloves will remain soft and versatile throughout numerous uses. You’ll receive an excellent fit as long as you measure your hand size properly, too.

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If you do not just like the idea of paying tons for a glove , the favored MG Golf DynaGrip was made with you in mind.

Pros: Low price point, all-Cabretta leather design, despite a coffee price, winners of PGA Tour events have used this glove

Cons: Probably won’t last as long as another golf gloves, fingers within the glove seem a touch too long

If you think that the sole option for a high-quality glove means spending tons , the MG Golf DynaGrip — and therefore the professional golfers who use it — will cause you to re-evaluate .

The DynaGrip may be a low-priced glove , supplying you with great value with an all-Cabretta leather design. MG Golf has been one among the foremost popular sports equipment brands in recent years due in large part because PGA Tour tournament winners are seen wearing this low-priced glove.

You’ll appreciate the power of the DynaGrip glove to resist moisture and sweat, which ensures you’ll maintain a far better grip on the club altogether sorts of weather . MG Golf has multiple sizes of the DynaGrip glove available, also as either a left- or right-handed fit.

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The Bionic StableGrip successfully combats all of the common complaints about golf gloves with extraordinary comfort and support.

Pros: Excellent quality during a glove , gives you a natural fit and feel, glove bounces back nicely from round to round, unlike many other gloves, long-lasting glove, offered in any size or hand suit you may need

Cons: costlier than other golf gloves, may tear within the area round the closure flap

If you contempt the path your glove crumples up after every use, making it uneasy for several holes until it stretches out again, the Bionic StableGrip glove will solve that problem. it’s a superb bounce-back, so it seems like new after every swing.

Additionally, Bionic has come up with the simplest glove for both durability and luxury . The fingers are pre-curled, ensuring a neater fit. The glove wicks away moisture on your hands with a terry cloth interior. The StableGrip glove feels incredibly natural and flexes to match your hand movement.

The StableGrip glove line is out there in multiple sizes, and it’s made in either a right- or left-hand fit.

That’s tons of positives during a single glove . albeit the Bionic StableGrip doesn’t cut a couple of strokes off your play, you’ll at least be cosy during those (hopefully) occasional double-bogies

How to shop for golf gloves

When buying a glove that matches your game, there are a couple of key aspects to concentrate to:

Size matters: you’ll need a glove that matches your hand properly. If it’s too small, you’re likely to tear it after a couple of uses. If it’s too big, it’ll have wrinkles, instead of fitting tightly, and you will potentially find yourself with blisters. Gloves are commonly available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes and a medium/large in-between size is even available with many gloves.

Pick the right hand: Golfers typically only wear a glove on one hand, which is that the hand that controls the facility of the swing from the highest of the club. So, a right-handed player would wear a glove on their left , and the other way around . there is definitely no reason you cannot wear two gloves, but most golfers like having a bare hand because the lower hand on the club, because it helps to regulate the texture of the club.

Materials: Most golf gloves will contains synthetic materials, leather, mesh fabric, or some combination of all three. A costlier glove will have more leather, while cheaper gloves tend to possess more synthetic materials, but this is not as common because it was several years ago.

Closure: You’ll tighten a glove around your wrist employing a Velcro flap (or a flap with some generic sort of Velcro). This makes it easier for golfers to wear the glove as tight or as loose on their wrists as they need . Earlier gloves may have a wrap that tightens the glove, but a wrap has less flexibility than the Velcro flap.

Moisture-wicking: to assist you avoid a sweaty hand under the glove , search for a glove that has tiny pinholes within the fabric to permit airflow, keeping your hand dry. Some gloves use mesh fabric inserts to market airflow. and a few gloves use a moisture-wicking fabric on the inside to draw moisture faraway from the skin.

Why wear golf gloves?

Although you will find the occasional golfer who doesn’t wear a glove, it’s mostly rare. Modern club grips certainly make it easier to carry the club tightly without wearing a glove but even when using modern grips, you’ll still find yourself with worn hands or blisters.

Here’s why a glove matters:

Improved grip: Older clubs had grips (or the handles on the golf clubs) that would become slick, therefore the early golf gloves improved the player’s ability to carry the club tightly. An improved grip keeps the clubhead from twisting, allowing better shot-making. Even with today’s tacky style grips, a glove gives you a surer grip on the club. If the grips on your clubs become worn, a glove ensures the club doesn’t slip out of your hands.

Avoiding blisters: Without a glove, you’ll find yourself with blisters on your hand. Because you’re using an equivalent motion with force when swinging a golf club several dozens of times per round, this repeated motion can cause blisters.

Warm and dry hands: Many modern golf gloves will wick moisture faraway from your hand, which may be beneficial in hot, humid weather. Or if you’re playing in cool weather, some golf gloves are designed to stay your hands warmer. In weather , you’ll wear golf gloves on both hands, instead of only one as is normal.

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