Best Golf Bags for Push Carts: Organize Your Gear Efficiently

Is a golf bag that fits your push cart something you’re after? Your search ends here! The best golf bags for push carts in 2024 are going to be covered in this detailed guide. Because there are so many alternatives out there, we know that picking out the perfect bag may be a real challenge. To save you time and effort, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top golf bags for push carts after reading a number of publications and consulting with industry experts. 


The benefits of golf bags made specifically for push carts are numerous. Transporting your clubs, accessories, and other necessities is a breeze with these custom-made ones that fit snugly on the cart. An improved golfing experience is yours for the taking with a push cart-compatible golf bag that keeps your equipment neat and within easy reach.
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Our Top Selection 

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Most Durable Golf Cart Bag

Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight bag


When shopping for a golf cart bag to go with your push cart, make sure it’s durable. You should look for a bag that will endure many seasons of use and the rough conditions found on golf courses. The Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight is the best golf cart bag on the market in terms of durability. This bag is built to last thanks to the 300D Double Ripstop Polyester material.
It can withstand the roughest circumstances you’ll find on the course. The bag’s fourteen-way top with full-length dividers will keep your clubs safe from harm. You can keep all of your golfing gear in one place with the ten roomy pockets.
You may rest assured that the strap loop will securely attach to your push cart, allowing you to enjoy the course without any worries. Despite its somewhat higher price tag, the Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight bag is a great investment due to its durability and high-quality construction. 


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Best Value Push Cart Bag

MacGregor Golf VIP Deluxe bag


The MacGregor Golf VIP Deluxe is a fantastic pick if you want a high-quality bag that won’t break the bank. This reasonably priced alternative has a 14-way top and plenty of storage capacity without breaking the bank.
Attaching it to your push cart is a breeze with the Strap-Thru function, and it stays put. There is more than enough space for all your necessities in the five pockets, which include a cooler pocket, two deep apparel pockets, and one more.
The MacGregor Golf VIP Deluxe bag is a fantastic buy for golfers that value practicality and cost, even though it lacks the number of pockets found in more expensive alternatives. 


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Most Lightweight Bags for Push Carts

Datrek Lite II

The Datrek Lite II is an excellent option for golfers who want a compact bag for their push cart. This bag is a breeze to carry about because to its feather-light 4.2-pound weight. The functionality is not sacrificed due to its lightweight build.
Your clubs will stay neat and safe in the 14-way top with full-length dividers. A vented cooler compartment, a well-lined pocket for valuables and six more pockets ensure that you’ll never be short of storage space on the golf course.
You can choose the perfect Datrek Lite II colour among its 10 appealing options. The Datrek Lite II is a great choice if you want a backpack that isn’t heavy but still has all the functionality you need. 

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Best Golf Bags for Seniors

Wilson Staff EXO II bag

A golf bag should be user-friendly, comfortable, and convenient for seniors. The Wilson Staff EXO II is the greatest golf bag for seniors, in our opinion. With its lightweight construction and ergonomically designed top handles, this bag is a breeze to carry and move around. Organise and access your clubs with ease thanks to the 14-way top. A huge insulated cooler pocket, a waterproof valuables pouch and eight other pockets ensure that you’ll never be short on storage space for your golfing essentials. With its practical features and user-friendly design, the Wilson Staff EXO II bag is perfect for older golfers looking to enhance their game.

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Best Premium Golf Cart Bags


With its one-of-a-kind combination of form and function, the OGIO 2023 WOODE Cart Bag is the best option for push carts. A game-changer in club organisation and accessibility, the WOODE top system streamlines and simplifies the selecting process for golfers.
The bag is surprisingly lightweight for its solid structure, which is great for push cart manoeuvrability. With its plenty of pockets—including a dedicated space for a cooler—this golf bag has everything you could possibly need for a round. Thanks to OGIO’s renowned attention to detail, this bag will last a long time and keep your golf equipment safe from the elements.
Mounted atop a push cart, the bag’s design makes accessing clubs and pockets a breeze, elevating the golfing experience as a whole. 

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Best Budget Push Cart Bag

Izzo Ultra Lite bag

Those on a tighter budget won’t have to sacrifice quality for the Izzo Ultra Lite bag. The long-lasting 4200 polyester fabric ensures that this bag will last a long time, even though it’s not expensive.
Your clubs will stay neat and safe in the 14-way top with full-length dividers. There is plenty of room for all of your golfing essentials in the six pockets, which include an ample garment pocket and a cooler pocket.
If you’re a golfer on a budget who wants a sturdy and practical bag, go no further than the Izzo Ultra Lite. 

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Best Golf Bag for Women

Tour Edge Hot Launch Xtreme Cart 5.0 bag

Golf bags made for women are fashionable and practical all in one. The Tour Edge Hot Launch Xtreme Cart 5.0 bag is our top choice for the best women’s golf bag. With two spacious garment pockets and a big insulated cooler pocket, this bag has plenty of room for all your golfing necessities.
Put your valuables in the velour-lined pocket and rest easy. With its lightweight design and 14-way top, this bag is perfect for storing and accessing all of your golf clubs with ease.
Although women’s bag colours are more limited than men’s, the Tour Edge Hot Launch Xtreme Cart 5.0 bag is a great option for ladies golfers who want a fashionable and practical bag.

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Best Hybrid Golf Bag

Titleist Hybrid 14 bag

For golfers who want to switch it up between walking and pushing a cart, a hybrid bag is the perfect compromise between the two styles of bags. The Titleist Hybrid 14 is the greatest hybrid golf bag, in our opinion. You can easily attach this bag to any golf push cart thanks to its stand, dual straps, and cart strap pass-through tunnel.
The full-length dividers keep your clubs safe and organised, while the 14-way top gives you plenty of room to store them. A specialised putter well and an insulated cooler pocket are just two of the many pockets that will ensure you have room for all of your golfing essentials.
When it comes to golf bags, the Titleist Hybrid 14 is a great pick for players who like the versatility of walking and push carts. 

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Best Golf Bag for Storage Space

TaylorMade Golf Pro Cart Bag


When it comes to the amount of storage space available, the TaylorMade Golf Pro Cart Bag is often considered to be the greatest option for golfers who use push carts. This honour is a result of its roomy design, which not only allows for the storage of all of the essential golf clubs but also offers a sufficient amount of space for accessories and personal belongings. The bag is equipped with a variety of pockets, each of which is designed to meet a particular storage requirement.
Full-length pockets for clothing, waterproof pockets for valuables, and insulated cooler pockets for beverages are some examples of these types of pockets. When the bag is installed on a push cart, the arrangement of these compartments has been designed to ensure that everything is easily accessible. This is an essential component for ensuring ease and efficiency while playing a game.
The bag is constructed from high-quality materials, making it long-lasting and able to resist a wide range of weather conditions. This is an important factor for golfers who play the game on a regular basis. 

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Best 14 Slot Golf Bag

Callaway ORG 14 bag

Those golfers who want a bag that has separate compartments for each club will find that the Callaway ORG 14 bag is the best option of the bunch. This bag has a well-structured 14-way top with full-length dividers, which will keep your clubs organised and protected by providing them with storage space.
You will have plenty of space to store all of your golf supplies thanks to the addition of 11 pockets, which include a section specifically designed for a rangefinder as well as various pockets for clothing.
The Callaway ORG 14 bag is a fantastic option for golfers who place a high importance on convenience and utility because it provides exceptional club organisation and storage capacity. 

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Best Bag For Electric Push Carts

Boy Revolver XP Cart Bag

When it comes to navigating the golf course, electric push carts provide a simple alternative to the physical strain that is associated with pushing a cart. Those who make use of an electric push cart will find that the Bag Boy Revolver XP Cart Bag is the ideal partner for them. Clip and Top-Lok technology are incorporated into this bag, which guarantees a safe attachment to your electric push cart using this bag.
The Grip-Lok foundation ensures that your clubs remain stable and stops them from rattling while you are playing for the round. You will have plenty of storage room for all of your golf necessities thanks to the nine zippered pockets that are included in this shirt. These pockets include an insulated cooler pocket and a waterproof valuables pocket. In order to provide both convenience and functionality, the Bag Boy Revolver XP Cart Bag was developed exclusively for use with electric push carts. 


Types of Golf Bags for Push Carts


Stand Bags

Stand bags are a well-liked method of transportation for golfers who make use of push carts. These bags come equipped with legs that can be retracted, enabling them to stand on their own when they are not attached to the cart. They are not only lightweight but also provide a multitude of compartments for storage.


Cart Bags

Cart bags are exclusively designed to be able to fit on golf push carts without any noticeable gaps. The fact that they often do not have stand legs makes them a choice that is stable when they are placed on the cart. In addition to being easy to manoeuvre, cart bags offer a generous amount of storage capacity.


Hybrid Bags

The convenience of stand bags and the compatibility with carts are two features that are offered by hybrid bags, which offer the best of both worlds. If you just occasionally need to carry your clubs and other equipment, these multipurpose bags are a good option to consider.


Key Features to Consider

Weight and Size

It is important to get a golf bag that is not only lightweight but also fits comfortably on your push cart. This will ensure that transporting is stress-free and uncomplicated.


Number of Dividers

When it comes to club organisation, the amount of dividers in your golf bag is of the utmost importance. There will be less club tangling and simpler access if there are more dividers.

Pockets and Compartments

The quantity of pockets and their arrangement should be taken into consideration in order to accommodate your personal things, rangefinder, balls, and accessories.


Material and Durability

Choose a golf bag that is constructed from materials that are of good quality and durability, and that can resist a variety of weather situations.


Tips for Finding Your Best Golf Bag for Push Carts

There are a number of considerations to take into account while looking for the ideal golf bag to utilise with your push cart. In order to assist you in finding the ideal bag, here are some suggestions:

1.Consider the type of bag: A lightweight cart bag or a hybrid bag that is built exclusively for push carts is the best option to go with. The majority of the time, these bags are lighter and provide improved functionality when used on a push cart.

2.Look for durability: Consider purchasing a bag that is constructed from long-lasting materials that are able to resist the rigours of the golf course. Your bag will stand the test of time for many years to come if you do this.

3.Check the club organization: If you want to keep your clubs organised and protected, you should look for a bag that has a top that is well-structured and with full-length dividers.

4.Evaluate storage space: Take into account the amount of pockets as well as the size of the bag. Make sure that there is sufficient space for you to store all of your golf gear, such as balls, tees, clothes, and personal things.

5.Pay attention to special features: It is important to look for features such as a putter well, an insulated cooler pocket and a waterproof valuables pocket. Your whole golfing experience may be improved by considering these additional features.

6.Consider weight: Pick a bag that is not only lightweight but also simple to manoeuvre while you are out on the course. Because of this, pushing your push cart will be a more satisfactory experience.

7.Check for water resistance: To safeguard your clubs and other things in the event of inclement weather, you might want to think about purchasing a bag that is made of water-resistant materials or a rain hood.


By considering these tips, you can find the best golf bag for your push cart that meets your specific needs and preferences.



Q1. What’s the difference between a stand bag and a cart bag

Ans: Stand bags have retractable legs and are designed to stand on their own when not on a cart, while cart bags are specially designed to fit securely on push carts.

Q2. How many dividers should a golf bag have?

Ans: The ideal number of dividers in a golf bag is 14, as it allows each club to have its slot, minimizing club tangling.

Q3. Are hybrid bags a good choice for golfers who both walk and use push carts?

Ans: Yes, hybrid bags offer the flexibility to carry your clubs or use them on a push cart, making them a versatile choice.

Q4. What is the average weight of a golf bag for a push cart?

Ans: The weight of golf bags for push carts can vary, but on average, they weigh between 4 to 6 pounds.

Q5. How do I clean a golf bag?

Ans: To clean a golf bag, use a damp cloth and mild soap to wipe away dirt and stains. Avoid using harsh chemicals that may damage the material.

In conclusion, if you want to have a comfortable and happy time while golfing, investing in the best golf bag that is compatible with your push cart is absolutely necessary. There is a bag available that will fulfil your requirements, regardless of whether you place a higher value on durability, storage space, lightweight design, or particular features. You will be able to make an educated decision and locate the ideal golf bag for your push cart if you take into account the aspects that are covered in this article and if you do extensive research. Have fun playing golf!

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